Vinyl Cushion Flooring


The ideal solution for Kitchens and Bathrooms with the advantage of being supplied in sheet / roll form which creates a moisture barrier for the inevitable spills.

  • Simple and quick to install
  • Easily maintained
  • Easily replaced
  • Low cost


  • Non slip ratings for busy areas reducing potential accidents
  • Available in different widths – reducing waste
  • Warm to the touch – helps with the bills !
  • Can be coved fitted to the edges to assist with cleaning
  • Tough wear layers reducing potential stains and extending the life of the vinyl
  • Easy preparation reducing labour costs
  • No underlay required reducing material costs
  • No beading required reducing both material and labour costs


A vinyl is available for all applications including heavy traffic areas where an increased specification maybe required

New exciting designs

  • Available in a large range of Textured and designs including Cork, Marble, Mosaic, Patterned, Squares, Tile and Wood finishes.

Extensive choice each in a variety of colours to complement any room design.

Different cushion depths available ie soft underfoot for comfort to firm preventing indentations from furniture or stiletto heels etc.

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